Wildlife Paparazzi Photographer

Black Bear -Ursus americanus- roaming a campsite looking for food scraps during the summer months in the White Mountains, New Hampshire USA (Erin Paul Donovan)
Black Bear – White Mountains, NH

Wildlife Paparazzi Photographer – What is a wildlife paparazzi photographer? Defined as one who pursues wildlife much in the same way the paparazzi pursue the rich and famous.

Is there anything wrong with being labeled this? I am not really sure, but I would not want to be labeled as one. Unfortunately, some overzealous photographers give it a negative meaning by using poor tactics and judgment when trying to get "the shot" at wildlife jams in national parks or anywhere wildlife can be found.

Bad tactics include getting to close to wildlife, chasing wildlife into the forest and using improper camera gear (lenses). Most photographers are unaware they are putting themselves and animal at risk and just need to be educated. Others don’t care about the protection of wildlife and getting "the shot" is all that matters.

The term has been floating around for a number of years and seems to be getting used more and more to describe a certain kind of wildlife photographer who uses bad tactics when pursuing wildlife. Here is some useful reading – North American Nature Photography Association – Ethical Field Practices

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Erin Paul is a professional photographer who specializes in environmental conservation and historic preservation photography in the New Hampshire White Mountains. His work is published worldwide, and credits include; Backpacker Magazine, Appalachian Trail Conservancy, the Appalachian Mountain Club, and The Wilderness Society.

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