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November Snow, White Mountains

This is the image that represents the month of November in the 2017 White Mountains New Hampshire calendar. It shows Lafayette Brook Scenic Area in Franconia, New Hampshire covered in snow after a snow storm. The calendar can be purchased here:
November Image – 2017 White Mountains Calendar

November Snow, White Mountains – For the last week or so here in the New Hampshire White Mountains the temperature has been on the cool side, and we have been getting snow on and off. The lower elevations are, for the most part, still snow-free, but the higher elevations, such as Mount Washington and Franconia Ridge, are covered in snow. Soon the landscape of the White Mountains will be completely covered in snow.

This image of Lafayette Brook Scenic Area in Franconia during a snow storm represents November in my 2017 White Mountains New Hampshire calendar. Since I was a kid, I have always loved to snowshoe in the forest during and right after a snowstorm. I find the landscape of a snow-covered forest to be peaceful and inviting.

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New Hampshire Image Collection

Image of the Presidential Range from Cherry Pond at Pondicherry Wildlife Refuge in Jefferson, New Hampshire. The Presidential Range Rail Trail passes by Cherry Pond.
Pondicherry Wildlife Refuge – Jefferson, New Hampshire

New Hampshire Stock Photography Image Collection – For the last few days, I have been updating the image collections and galleries on the website with new stock photography images. I find updating the galleries with new imagery to be very time-consuming, but also enjoyable because I am able to review the imagery I have created over the years. Images that I created five plus years ago, I am just now making public.

As a photographer, I have learned that there are many different types of scenes that showcase the landscape of New Hampshire (and New England). Today, I want to share with you the nine image collections that make up my website. An image collection consists of image galleries that are all focused on a similar subject. Each of these collections showcases the landscape of New Hampshire in some way.

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New Year’s Resolutions

Sunrise from Rye Harbor State Park in Rye, New Hampshire.
Rye Harbor State Park – Rye, New Hampshire

Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a great New Year's Eve celebration. Its that time of year to make those New Year’s resolutions. Admittedly, I do not make New Year’s resolutions, mainly because I usually end up breaking them before the month of January is over.

This year I decided to break the cycle and make four resolutions that I hope will help improve my photography business in 2015. Though the resolutions are small, each one will benefit my photography in some way. Below are my four resolutions.

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White Mountains Resources Page

Scenic view from Chapel Rock on Pine Mountain in Gorham, Hampshire USA during the autumn months.
Chapel Rock – Pine Mountain, Hampshire

I have been on the road much of October shooting autumn foliage, and with the exception of just one foliage update, I have not had time to write any blog posts. So today I am going to direct you to a new resource page on ScenicNH Photography. It is mostly for my own use and for photographers visiting the White Mountains of New Hampshire, but hikers and outdoor enthusiasts may find it interesting.

As an environmental photographer, I use many websites for planning photography excursions and for doing research on the White Mountains. I waste a lot of time scrolling through my web browser favorites looking for particular websites. So to make my life a little easier I have put links to all the websites I use onto one page.

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Change of Plans – White Mountains

Compass on rocks in the White Mountains, New Hampshire USA (ScenicNH Photography LLC | Erin Paul Donovan)
Compass on Rocks – White Mountains, NH USA 

Back in December I planned my 2013 shooting schedule. All I needed to do was complete a month long assignment in January, then I would be traveling the rest of the year. Well, because of unforeseen issues there has been a change of plans! I will be spending the remaining 2013 season shooting only the White Mountains region of New England. This is very unexpected, and I'm now in need of a few photo subjects.

Please review the photo needs list below. If you are interested in being a model or have seen any of these issues in your travels let me know. I pay for models in exchange for a signed model release.

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Nature In Its Grandest Form

Harvard Brook in the White Mountains, New Hampshire USA during the autumn months
Harvard Brook – Lincoln, New Hampshire USA

As I look at these images, I realize just how much I appreciate the simple scenes of the White Mountain National Forest. Even though both locations are only minutes off the beaten path, they represent nature in its grandest form. No sign of human impact anywhere, mankind is completely absent. Many nature lovers would consider this to be a perfect setting.  

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Featured Image Gallery

Featured – Images by ScenicNH Photography LLC

If you only have a few minutes to view images or it is your first time visiting ScenicNH Photography, then the "Featured Image Gallery" is the one to checkout. This gallery is a small selection of New England related images that represent my work. 

Click on any of the above images for a larger preview or the included link to go directly to the gallery. You can also just sit back and enjoy the slideshow, while you drink your morning coffee. Images from New Hampshire USA are included.

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