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Abandoned Railroad Beds, White Mountains

Remnants of the old Swift River Railroad bed in Albany, New Hampshire.
Swift River Railroad (1906-1916) – Albany, New Hampshire

Abandoned Railroad Beds, White Mountains – It is hard to imagine that from the late 1800s to the early 1900s railroading was a way of life in the New Hampshire White Mountains, and timber barons dominated. You would think that after all these years no evidence of this era would exist, but it does. If you are a conservation or environmental photographer, some part of the White Mountains railroading era will interest you.

The historic railroads in the White Mountains are a common topic among hikers and history buffs. And as an environmental photographer I have been able to find interesting subject matter along all the railroads I have explored. One area of the railroads I have focused on is the actual railroad beds.

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Boston & Maine, Mt Washington Branch

Railroad trestle along the old Boston and Maine Railroad near Fabyans in Carroll, New Hampshire.
Boston & Maine Railroad, New Hampshire – Fabyans Trestle

Boston & Maine Railroad, Mt Washington Branch – Built by the Boston, Concord & Montreal Railroad, the thirteen and a half mile long Mt Washington Branch was completed in 1874. This branch began at Wing Road in Bethlehem, New Hampshire and ended just east of Fabayns in Bretton Woods. The railroad would be leased to the Boston & Maine Railroad in 1895.

Because there was a growing interest in the Mount Washington Cog Railway, an extension was added to this branch in 1876. And this extension is the focus of this blog article. The Boston, Concord & Montreal Railroad completed the roughly six and a half mile long extension from Fabyans to the base of the Cog Railway in 1876. The last passenger trains to the Base Station ran on August 31, 1931.

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