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November Snow, White Mountains

This is the image that represents the month of November in the 2017 White Mountains New Hampshire calendar. It shows Lafayette Brook Scenic Area in Franconia, New Hampshire covered in snow after a snow storm. The calendar can be purchased here:
November Image – 2017 White Mountains Calendar

November Snow, White Mountains – For the last week or so here in the New Hampshire White Mountains the temperature has been on the cool side, and we have been getting snow on and off. The lower elevations are, for the most part, still snow-free, but the higher elevations, such as Mount Washington and Franconia Ridge, are covered in snow. Soon the landscape of the White Mountains will be completely covered in snow.

This image of Lafayette Brook Scenic Area in Franconia during a snow storm represents November in my 2017 White Mountains New Hampshire calendar. Since I was a kid, I have always loved to snowshoe in the forest during and right after a snowstorm. I find the landscape of a snow-covered forest to be peaceful and inviting.

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