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Robertson Bridge, Webster Cliff Trail

Robertson Bridge - Appalachian Trail, Crawford Notch
Robertson Bridge, Webster Cliff Trail - Built in 2008, the 56-foot-long Robertson Bridge is dedicated to the memory of Albert Sargent Robertson and his wife, Priscilla. Albert and Priscilla volunteered their time to the AMC Four Thousand Footer Club, and Albert was one of the founding members. After Albert passed away, Priscilla remained involved with the club...[Continue reading] ...

Hexacuba Shelter, Kodak Trail

Hexacuba Shelter - Appalachian Trail, New Hampshire
Hexacuba Shelter, Kodak Trail - Built in 1989 by the Dartmouth Outing Club (DOC), the Hexacuba Shelter is a six-sided hexagonal log shelter that sleeps 8-10. It's located at 1,980 feet on the south side of Mount Cube on a spur path off the Kodak Trail, a segment of the Appalachian Trail, in Orford, New Hampshire...[Continue reading] ...