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Fleming Flume, Elephant Head Brook

Elephant Head Brook - Carroll, New Hampshire
Fleming Flume, Elephant Head Brook - Over the summer, while doing some research, I came across a water feature in the 1907 Guide to the Paths and Camps in the White Mountains (first edition AMC Guidebook) referred to as Fleming Flume in Carroll, New Hampshire. The write-up also mentions a Fleming Fall. Well, I finally had the chance to visit and....[Continue reading] ...

Shell Cascade, Waterville Valley

Shell Cascade - Waterville Valley, New Hampshire
Shell Cascade, Waterville Valley – Located on Hardy Brook, a tributary of the Mad River, in Waterville Valley of New Hampshire is a small, but unique, cascade known as Shell Cascade. This water feature isn’t visited often because of its location. It is not in a remote area by any means, but no official trail leads to it. And for this reason it is kind of considered a lost waterfall....[Continue reading] ...

Woodstock, NH – Still Autumn

Woodstock, NH – Still Autumn
Tributary of Lost River - Woodstock, New Hampshire There still is autumn color to be found. You just have to look for it. The above image is along a tributary of Lost River in Woodstock, New Hampshire USA on a rainy overcast day ...