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Crawford House, Gibbs Brook Dam

Gibbs Brook Dam - White Mountains, New Hampshire
Crawford House, Gibbs Brook Dam - If you're familiar with New Hampshire’s grand resort era then you know the historic Crawford House in Carroll. Abel Crawford and his son, Ethan Allen Crawford built the first Crawford House, known as the Notch House, in 1828. Fire would destroy the Notch House in 1854. A second Crawford House was destroyed by fire in 1859. The history of the Crawford House property is a little confusing because some historians refer to the Notch ...

Fleming Flume, Elephant Head Brook

Elephant Head Brook - Carroll, New Hampshire
Fleming Flume, Elephant Head Brook - Over the summer, while doing some research, I came across a water feature in the 1907 Guide to the Paths and Camps in the White Mountains (first edition AMC Guidebook) referred to as Fleming Flume in Carroll, New Hampshire. The write-up also mentions a Fleming Fall. Well, I finally had the chance to visit and....[Continue reading] ...