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Scenes of December, New Hampshire

A winter hiker traveling north on the Appalachian Trail (Gulfside Trail) in extreme weather conditions in the New Hampshire White Mountains during the winter months. Mount Madison, the northernmost peak in the Presidential Range, is in the background.
Random Image From Archive – Mount Madison, New Hampshire

Scenes of December, New Hampshire – December is one of my favorite times of the year here in the White Mountains because the landscape is usually covered in snow. And unlike last year, the landscape is covered in snow this month! It has been snowing on and off all month, and the temperatures have been on the cool side. The snow-covered mountains look great! And I can’t wait to get back to shooting after my vacation.

Since January of 2013, I have written one blog article every month that showcases five images I created during the month. These articles were intended to help you understand my lifestyle as a photographer. Well, it is time to replace this monthly article topic with a new one. I am thinking the new article topic will be “My Viewpoint”.

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Scenes of December, New Hampshire

Cannon Mountain from Echo Lake in Franconia Notch State Park of New Hampshire during the month of December.
Cannon Mountain – Franconia Notch, New Hampshire

Scenes of December, New Hampshire – If you live in New England, I don’t have to explain the weather we have had during the month of December. We have had Christmas without snow this year, and most of December has been warmer than normal. The weather has been crazy this month! The good news here in the White Mountains is that we are expecting our first winter storm tomorrow (Tuesday). And yes the above scene is from this month.

I shut down every December for two weeks for some much needed rest and recuperation and also to spend time with family and friends during the holidays. I also use this time to tie up loose business ends from the year and to prepare for a new year. And the actual time I spend out in the field shooting this month is very limited.

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December Scenes, White Mountains

Forest on the northern slopes of Mount Jim in Kinsman Notch of Woodstock, New Hampshire USA during the winter months.
Mount Jim – Kinsman Notch, New Hampshire

December Scenes , White Mountains – Much of New Hampshire is snow free, but the White Mountains and the Great North woods are covered in snow. December has had some interesting weather, and many of the notches and higher elevations have enough snow for snowshoeing. It has been a fun few weeks!

December means it is time for me to close the books on 2014, and prepare for the 2015 season. I also spent much of this month shipping out White Mountains calendars, and my field time is very local and limited. For some reason, I am a few days ahead of schedule this year, which is always a good thing.

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December, White Mountains

Franconia Notch State Park from Bald Mountain in the White Mountains, New Hampshire during the month of December.
Franconia Notch – White Mountains, New Hampshire

December, White Mountains – Is another year really gone? Wow time flies! For me, December means cleaning external hard drives, more research for 2014 projects, and time off to enjoy the holidays.

Cleaning hard drives involves going through external hard drives filled with imagery I shot during 2013 and deleting the images I will never use. I learned early on not to delete images right away, unless they were just plain bad or out of focus. This approach usually leads to finding images I overlooked during the year, but that is for another blog post, today is about images from the month of December.

Franconia Notch State Park - Sunset from Bald Mountain in the White Mountains, New Hampshire.
Bald Mountain – White Mountains New Hampshire

Even though I planned on doing office work for most of December, I did get out and shoot. I stayed near home and shot in the Franconia Notch State Park region of the White Mountains. If visiting the White Mountains, I recommend exploring the roadside attractions along Franconia Notch Parkway in Franconia Notch.

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