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Village of Wildwood, New Hampshire

Site of the Wildwood settlement along Route 112 in the town of Easton, New Hampshire. Wildwood was a logging settlement during the 20th century along the Wild Ammonoosuc River. The first Civilian Conservation Corps camp authorized in New Hampshire was also located at Wildwood.
Wildwood – Easton, New Hampshire

Village of Wildwood, New Hampshire – When it comes to the abandoned villages in New Hampshire, the logging village of Livermore is often included in the conversation. But the story of the lesser known village of Wildwood is a fascinating piece of White Mountains history. The area known as Wildwood is located along the Wild Ammonoosuc River in the general area of the junction of Route 112 and Tunnel Brook Road in Easton, New Hampshire. Today’s Route 112 travels through Wildwood.

Easton was incorporated into a separate township by an act passed in July 1876. The section of Easton known as Wildwood was once part of Landaff and before that part of Lincoln. And the scenic Wild Ammonoosuc River, known for the early log drives done on it, flows through Easton.

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Scenes of April, New Hampshire

April 2016 - View from the summit of Mount Tecumseh in Waterville Valley, New Hampshire during the month of April. Over the last few years, vandalism (illegal tree cutting) has improved this summit view point.
Mt Tecumseh – Waterville Valley, New Hampshire

Scenes of April, New Hampshire – What a month it has been weather wise here in the New Hampshire White Mountains. Ice, snow, rain, and warm weather. You name it, we have had it this month. With April coming to an end, it won’t be long until the grass is green, but the trails are still an icy mess at higher elevations. Crampons have been the chosen foot traction this month.

My monthly blog article showcasing five images from the month only consists of three images this month. April has been an interesting month for me because I had to shut down for most of it to take care of a family matter. This blog article reflects how little shooting I did this month. The last time I had to shut down like this was about thirteen years ago. And I am anxious to get back into the swing of things.

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June, White Mountains

Lupine fields in Sugar Hill, New Hampshire USA during the spring months during the Annual Celebration of Lupines Festival.
Fields of Lupine – Sugar Hill, New Hampshire

June, White Mountains – Here in the New Hampshire White Mountains the weather during June has been excellent. We have had a few hot days, but you will not hear me complaining. This month has been very busy, and because my schedule is full for the rest of June, I am posting my monthly article early.

June is the Annual Celebration of Lupines in Sugar Hill. And every year photographers invade the fields of Sugar Hill with hopes of creating the perfect lupine scene. This year I decided to approach the lupine fields with a different mindset, and I wanted to avoid creating a grand landscape scene. The above image is one of only a few I created this year of the lupine fields.

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