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Winter Camera Protection, White Mountains

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Appalachian Trail - Extreme weather conditions near the summit of Mount Washington during the winter months in the White Mountains, New Hampshire.
Crawford Path – White Mountains, New Hampshire

Winter Camera Protection, White Mountains – When photographing in adverse winter conditions, one of my concerns is protecting camera gear from the elements. I find using products that are specifically made to protect the camera in harsh conditions to be beneficial. They do take some time to get use to, but are worth the investment.

During harsh weather conditions in the New Hampshire White Mountains, I use Camera Armor*, LensSkins*, and LensCoat*. And for down in the valleys and roadside I like using the Storm Jacket Covers*. These products act as covers for the camera and do a pretty good job at keeping the elements off the camera. The Storm Jacket covers are easy to put on and work well in all seasons. I use mine all the time when it is raining. 

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