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Jefferson Turnpike, White Mountains

Old Jefferson Turnpike - Carroll, New Hampshire
Jefferson Turnpike, White Mountains – The Jefferson Turnpike Incorporation (Jefferson Turnpike) was incorporated on December 11, 1804; the turnpike opened in 1811. Incorporators were Joseph Whipple, Obed Hall, and Stephen Wilson. This short-lived toll road traveled from the 10th New Hampshire Turnpike (today’s Route 302 ) in Carroll, New Hampshire, over Cherry Mountain to Jefferson and Lancaster. It's believed that the old Cherry Mountain Road, a seasonal forest road with dispersed roadside camping, follows the route of the old turnpike....[Continue ...

Fabyan Guard Station, Carroll

Fabyan Guard Station - Carroll, New Hampshire
Fabyan Guard Station, Carroll - Located along the old Cherry Mountain Road in Carroll, New Hampshire, there is an interesting piece of White Mountains history, the Fabyan Guard Station. Clifford L. Graham built the Fabyan Guard Station (also called the Fabyan Cabin) in 1923; he would eventually become Supervisor of the White Mountain National Forest. Built of spruce logs from the surrounding area, the one-room log cabin is 16 feet by 20 feet. A horse corral and a barn were ...

Five Historic Sites To Visit, White Mountains

Abandoned town of Livermore
Five Historic Sites, White Mountains - Many historic sites in the New Hampshire White Mountains are well known among locals and tourists while others remain forgotten deep in the forest and probably will never be rediscovered. The known sites can help create awareness for historic preservation....[Continue reading] ...