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Scenes of February, New Hampshire

Franconia Notch State Park from Artists Bluff in the New Hampshire White Mountains during the winter month of February.
Echo Lake – Franconia Notch, New Hampshire

Scenes of February, New Hampshire – Much like last month, the weather here in the New Hampshire White Mountains during the month of February has been a mixed bag. We still have not had any major snow storms, the trails are very icy, and the temperatures have been on the warm side. At the beginning of the month, Echo Lake (above) still had not frozen over yet, and there was not much snow in Franconia Notch.

The lack of snow combined with icy trails has made for slow going, and I have had to rearrange my shooting schedule this month because of the weather. Much of the problem has been just getting around the trail system with all the camera gear I carry. As a working photographer, I have to create marketable imagery in whatever conditions are presented to me on any given day and this month has been a challenge.

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February, White Mountains

Franconia Ridge at night blue hour from Greenleaf Trail on Mount Lafayette in the White Mountains, New Hampshire USA during the winter months.
Blue Hour – Mount Lafayette, New Hampshire

February, White Mountains – Much like January, February has been a very cold month to be out shooting in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. The wind-chills have been brutal this month, and my cold weather gear has been getting a workout. Staying warm and keeping the camera gear working in subzero temperatures has been a challenge all month. As of this writing, February is on track to be the second coldest February in New Hampshire since weather observers started keeping records in the 1800s.

I have learned over the years that February weather in the White Mountains is no joke and needs to be taken seriously. The unpredictable New England weather patterns usually make this one of the toughest months to be outdoors creating imagery of the mountain environment.

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Scenes of February, White Mountains

Lincoln Woods Trail in Lincoln New Hampshire USA during the winter months, after a snow storm. This trail follows the old East Branch & Lincoln Railroad.
Lincoln Woods Trail – Lincoln New Hampshire

Scenes of February, White Mountains – With schools taking winter break (February vacation) this month, the White Mountains of New Hampshire have been very busy. Many families visit the region to ski, explore the trails and to get away from the city life. Downtown Lincoln has been a zoo the last few weeks.

Every month I do a blog post showcasing five images I created during the month. They're intended to help you understand my lifestyle as a photographer and to show the range of imagery I have on file.

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February, New Hampshire

Franconia Notch State Park - Walking path near Sentinel Pine Covered Bridge during the winter months in Lincoln, New Hampshire, USA (ScenicNH Photography LLC | Erin Paul Donovan)
Franconia Notch State Park – Lincoln, NH

February, New Hampshire – When shooting for the ScenicNH Photography archive I find self assignments and a little direction to be very beneficial. On top of my everyday shooting, I try to focus on one subject every month that is connected to the environment.

Examples of past subjects I have focused on include extreme weather, backcountry camping impact, and trail stewardship. This approach has allowed me to build an extensive, marketable and profitable image archive of the White Mountains. The subject for this month is "snowshoe tracks", see some shots below.

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