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Weeks Act Exhibit – Plymouth State University

Beebe River Railroad - Harp Switch Stand along the old Beebe River Railroad in Waterville Valley, New Hampshire USA. This was an logging railroad, which operated from 1917 - 1942.
Beebe River Logging Railroad – Remnants of a Harp Switch Stand

April 4, 2010 – Last week I had the opportunity to visit the Silver Center for the Arts at Plymouth State University to view the Weeks Act Exhibit. The exhibit, runs from March 3 – April 11, 2010 and is free to the public. The purpose of the exhibit is to celebrate the centennial of the Weeks Act, which is in 2011. Plus it will help create awareness for what the White Mountains once were and what they are now. The weeks act, signed in 1911 essentially allows the federal government to purchase land and to manage the purchased lands as national forests. 

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