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Sunrise & Sunset Photography

Sunset from Bald Mountain – White Mountains, New Hampshire  

Sunrise & Sunset Photography, New Hampshire – The setting sun and orange sky looks cool and get lots of attention on social media sites, but reality is the photography market is flooded with this kind of imagery. Don’t get me wrong every outdoor photographer in the world has these kind of shots on file, but the truth of the matter is these scenes have little market value. A simple solution to make these type of scenes more marketable – look away from the rising or setting sun and look for an interesting scene.

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Hampton Beach, New Hampshire

A salt marsh in Hampton, New Hampshire USA at sunrise, which is part of scenic New England.
Marsh – Hampton, New Hampshire in 2003

Hampton Beach, New Hampshire USA – Recently I was trying to locate an image I created years ago along the coast of New Hampshire. As time goes by trying to find images in a growing image archive can sometimes be very time consuming. Even more so when the image I am looking for is a transparency that has not been digitally archived yet.

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