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April History, White Mountains

White Mountains, April history; moonrise behind Mount Eisenhower in the White Mountains of New Hampshire USA during the spring months.
Mount Eisenhower Moonrise (April, 2015) – White Mountains, New Hampshire

April History, White Mountains – When it comes to the history of the New Hampshire White Mountains, like March, so many historical events took place throughout the years during the month of April that listing all of them isn’t possible. So included here are just a few interesting historical events.

The first reference is for the hikers. In April 1863, Professor Albert Hopkins, a professor at Williams College in Williamstown, Massachusetts, founded the Alpine Club of Williamstown. Recognized by most as the first hiking club in America, the club remained active only until 1865, but they did hike in the White Mountains.

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Ripley Falls, Crawford Notch

 Ripley Falls on Avalanche Brook in Hart's Location, New Hampshire USA during the spring months. The Arethusa-Ripley Falls Trail travels pass this scenic waterfall.
Ripley Falls – Crawford Notch, New Hampshire

Ripley Falls, Crawford Notch – Located on Avalanche Brook in Crawford Notch, New Hampshire, the 100 foot Ripley Falls is one of the more picturesque waterfalls in the White Mountains. The Arethusa-Ripley Falls Trail passes by this waterfall. And while the waterfall is impressive, the history of Ripley Falls and Avalanche Brook is intriguing.

There seems to be some confusion on who first discovered Ripley Falls. Most accounts say Henry W. Ripley and a Mr. Porter first discovered the waterfall in September 1858. But other accounts say a fisherman found the waterfall before Ripley. And another account says Henry W. Ripley was a companion of the legendary Abel Crawford (1766–1851), who discovered the waterfall while out trapping sable.

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Historic Stone Structures, White Mountains

Historic Stone Structures, remnants of the old 1800s Summit House (foundation) on the summit of Mount Lafayette in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. The Appalachian Trail travels across this summit.
1800s Summit House Site – Mount Lafayette, New Hampshire

Historic Stone Structures, White Mountains – In my work documenting historic sites in the New Hampshire White Mountains I have photographed some interesting and unique stone structures. Visiting an abandoned 1800s homestead in the middle of the forest is a surreal experience. And today I want to share with you some of the interesting structures that remain in the forest.

I realize that everyone interprets the term “historic” differently. So for this blog article, a historic stone structure is anything over fifty years old. And these structures can be anything from old cellar holes to abandoned stone staircases that seem to lead to nowhere. Keep in mind, historic sites are protected and should not be disturbed.

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Abandoned Bemis Granite Quarry

Site of the abandoned Bemis Granite Quarry along the Sawyer River in Harts Location, New Hampshire USA. Dr. Samuel Bemis quarried granite from this site, which he owned at the time, during the 1860s to build Notchland, a granite mansion in Hart’s Location.
Site of The Bemis Granite Quarry – Sawyer River, Hart’s Location

Abandoned Bemis Granite Quarry – I recently photographed the forgotten Bemis Granite Quarry in Hart's Location, New Hampshire. This quarry, located along the Sawyer River (above), is small when compared to other quarries, such as the Redstone Granite Quarry, but the history attached to it is fascinating.

When most people hear mention of the Sawyer River valley, they automatically associate it with the Sawyer River Railroad and the village of Livermore. But before the logging railroad took over the Sawyer River valley in the 1870s Dr. Samuel Bemis quarried granite from land, which he owned at the time, along the Sawyer River during the 1860s to build his granite mansion in Hart’s Location.

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Kedron Flume, Crawford Notch State Park

Crawford Notch State Park - Kedron Flume in Harts Location, New Hampshire USA during the spring months. The Kedron Flume Trail crosses this brook.
Kedron Flume – Crawford Notch State Park, New Hampshire

Kedron Flume, Crawford Notch State Park – Kedron Flume is located on Kedron Brook in Hart's Location, New Hampshire. The flume can be reached by parking at the hiking parking lot along Route 302, next to the Willey House, in Crawford Notch State Park. From the parking lot hike the Kedron Flume Trail (starts behind the Willey House) for three quarters of a mile until you reach Kedron Brook.

Just above and below where Kedron Flume Trail crosses Kedron Brook is where most consider the flume to be. The cascade just below the trail crossing, I find to be the most interesting. And during spring snow-melt it looks awesome! Waterfall buffs and photographers will also find the flume interesting after heavy rains.

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May – White Mountains of New Hampshire

East Branch of the Pemigewasset River in Lincoln, New Hampshire USA near the entrance to Loon Mountain during the spring months after heavy rains.
East Branch of the Pemigewasset River – Lincoln, New Hampshire

Scenes of May, White Mountains – The snow is gone here in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, and I have finally stored my snowshoes and traction devices for the season. If you look hard enough though you still can find small pockets of snow in the forest, and of course Tuckerman Ravine still has patches of snow..

May in the White Mountains has been awesome! The spring snow melt combined with heavy rains has made for great waterscape imagery. As the month comes to an end water levels are getting back to normal.

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Water Abstracts

Crawford Notch State Park - Arethusa Falls during the late autumn months. This waterfall is located along Bemis Brook in the White Mountains, New Hampshire.
Arethusa Falls – Harts Location, New Hampshire

White Mountains, New Hampshire Waterfalls – One of the greatest challenges of a nature photographer is to photograph a waterfall scene differently than the last thousand photographers who photographed it. Many of the easily accessible waterfalls in the White Mountains have been captured from every possible angle, so trying to find a different perspective can be a tough task for any photographer. 

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2011 Nature Photography Day

Railroad trestle which crosses the Saco River along the old Maine Central Railroad in Harts Location, New Hampshire USA. Thist restle was built by the Pennsylvania Steel Co 1906. Since 1995 the Conway Scenic Railroad, which provides passenger excursion trains through Crawford notch has been using the tracks (Erin Paul Donovan/Erin Paul Donovan | Photography)
Man & Nature Coexist – White Mountains, New Hampshire 

June 15, 2011 – Today is National Nature Photography Day. The North American Nature Photography Association (NANPA) has designated June 15 as "Nature Photography Day".  It's a day to grab your camera and explore nature. How and what you focus on is up to you. The objective is to photograph nature.

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