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English Jack, Hermit of Crawford Notch

Hermit of Crawford Notch (John Vials) gravestone at Straw Road Cemetery in Twin Mountain, New Hampshire USA. He died on April 24, 1912 and was known as "English Jack". He lived in a shack at the "Gate of the Notch"  along the old Portland and Ogdensburg Railroad. History states he was a tourist attraction.
English Jack, Hermit of Crawford Notch – Straw Road Cemetery, Twin Mountain

English Jack, Hermit of Crawford Notch – English Jack, known as the "Hermit of Crawford Notch”, died on April 24, 1912. Born in the 1820s in London, and believed to have been orphaned at age 12, his real name was John Vials. He spent years working on ships (England) but ended up coming to Crawford Notch, New Hampshire to help build the Portland & Ogdensburg Railroad. The railroad through the notch was completed in 1875 to Fabyans, but he stayed in the area.

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