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Historic Stone Structures, White Mountains

Mount Lafayette Summit House - New Hampshire
Historic Stone Structures, White Mountains - In my work documenting historic sites in the New Hampshire White Mountains I have photographed some interesting and unique stone structures. Visiting an abandoned 1800s homestead in the middle of the forest is a surreal experience. And today I want to share with you some of the interesting structures that....[Continue reading] ...

Preserve History, Don’t Remove Artifacts

Charles B. Keyser Homesite - Benton, New Hampshire USA
Don't Remove Historic Artifacts - Here in the New Hampshire White Mountains, outdoor recreation is growing at an alarming rate. And there has been a huge surge of people exploring the many historical sites that are in the region. For historic preservation to be successful, it is imperative that we create awareness for the laws that protect these historical sites....[Continue reading] ...

Artifact Removal Is Illegal

East Branch & Lincoln Railroad - Lincoln, NH
Artifact Notice Sign - White Mountains, New Hampshire Artifact Removal Is Illegal - As you explore the logging camps and historical sites of the White Mountains, New Hampshire, keep in mind that removal of historic or archaeological artifacts from federal lands without a permit is a violation of federal law. Destruction of artifacts is also a crime ...