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Split Rock, Boott Spur Trail

Split Rock - Boott Spur Trail, Mount Washington
Split Rock, Boott Spur Trail - Pictured here along Boott Spur Trail is Split Rock; this interesting glacial erratic is split in half. The scenic Boott Spur Trail begins off of the busy Tuckerman Ravine Trail and ends at Davis Path. If you are hiking Mount Washington and want extensive alpine zone exposure and breathtaking views, this trail is a great choice. Because most of this route is above treeline, hiking it on a perfect weather day is the best ...

Madison Boulder, New Hampshire

Madison Boulder - Madison, New Hampshire USA
Madison Boulder, New Hampshire - Considered to be one of the largest known glacial erratics in North America, Madison Boulder weighs roughly 4,662 tons. It is 87 feet long, 23 feet wide, and an impressive 37 feet high. It's worth mentioning that the size of the boulder ranges from source to source. If you enjoy the geology of New Hampshire, this boulder is worth a visit. It is massive!..[Continue reading] ...

Sculptured Rocks Natural Area, Groton

Sculptured Rocks Natural Area - Groton, New Hampshire
Sculptured Rocks Natural Area, New Hampshire - A short ride from Newfound Lake in Bristol, New Hampshire is Sculptured Rocks Natural Area in Groton, New Hampshire. Sculptured Rocks Natural Area spans 272 acres and is located on the Cockermouth River. It was formed at the end of the Great Ice Age....[Continue reading] ...