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Legitimate Flagging, White Mountains

Flagging and yellow blazing on birch tree along the Mount Tecumseh Trail in the White Mountains, New Hampshire USA. The Mt Tecumseh Trail is a perfect example – For a short time, a number of trees along the trail had unmarked survey flagging tape on them. These flagged trees were part of research being done by one of the local colleges. Once the field research was completed the flagging was removed. Mt Tecumseh Trail seems be the focal point of research because flagging is always on big and small trees along the trail.
Flagging on birch tree along Mt Tecumseh Trail

Legitimate Flagging (survey tape) – On a recent trail inspection with a Forest Service assistant district ranger, one topic of discussion was flagging tape on trees along the trail system of the White Mountains. I want to point out that some of the survey flagging tape you see along trails in the White Mountains marks trees that are being used for research. Much of this flagging has no identifying marks on it, and there is no way to determine its purpose. Once the research is finished, proper parties hike up the trail and remove the flagging.

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2012 Nature Photography Day – New Hampshire

Franconia Notch State Park - Male mallard duck in  Echo Lake during the spring months in the White Mountains, New Hampshire USA (Erin Paul Donovan | Photography)
Male mallard duck cleaning his feathers 

June 15, 2012 – Today is National Nature Photography Day. The North American Nature Photography Association (NANPA) has designated June 15 as "Nature Photography Day". It's a day to grab your camera and explore nature. How and what you focus on is up to you. The objective is to photograph nature.

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2012 Happy Earth Day

Moss covered pine tree in a New Hampshire forest during the spring months (Erin Paul Donovan/Erin Paul Donovan | Photography)
Softwood Forest – White Mountains, New Hampshire 

April 22, 2012 – Happy Earth Day! This is a day to celebrate and create awareness for the environment. Environmental protection is essential for the future well being of the earth. You can read about the history and importance of Earth Day here, if this is your first time hearing about it.

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Moose, White Mountains

Nancy Brook Scenic Area - Moose on the side of Nancy Pond in the White Mountains, New Hampshire. Moose can be found throughout the White Mountains of New Hampshire and in the state of New Hampshire they are hunted every year. Hunting permits are issued by a lottery drawing. Very cool animals!
Nancy Pond – White Mountains, New Hampshire 

Moose, White Mountains – I do not specialize in wildlife photography, but do have limited wildlife imagery on file. Moose are beautiful creatures, and I have enjoyed photographing the ones I have come across, but my focus has always been on other areas of the environment.

Over the past decade, while documenting the New England environment I have created a handful of moose imagery that is available for advertising, editorial, and commercial publications. See the included link for more moose images and feel free to send me an email with questions or comments.

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Thorne Pond Conservation Area

Thorne Pond Conservation Area in Bartlett, New Hampshire. This conservation area is located along Route 302.
Thorne Pond Conservation Area – Bartlett, New Hampshire

Thorne Pond Conservation Area, New Hampshire – Thorne Pond Conservation Area is a small tract of land located along Route 302 in Bartlett, New Hampshire. The parking lot is directly across from the entrance of Attitash Bear Peak. I know little about this tract of land, but from what I have read online the pond was created to provide water for snow making at Attitash Bear Peak.

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Pemigewasset Wilderness, New Hampshire

Pemigewasset Wilderness - Franconia Brook during the summer months. The southern end of Owls Head can been see in the distance. Located in Franconia, New Hampshire.
Franconia Brook – Pemi Wilderness, New Hampshire

Pemigewasset Wilderness, New Hampshire – The Pemigewasset (Pemi) Wilderness in New Hampshire is 45,000-acres of protected designated wilderness area that will keep any outdoor photographer busy for days. Every corner of the wilderness has interesting features to explore, and most areas are rich with East Branch & Lincoln Railroad history. Here are five shots from the Pemigewasset Wilderness that you may have never seen.

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Top 10 images of 2011

Franconia Notch State Park - Cannon Mountain with Echo Lake in the foreground during the spring months in the White Mountains, New Hampshire USA (Erin Paul Donovan/Erin Paul Donovan | Photography)
Cannon Mountain – Franconia, NH 

Top 10 images of 2011 – Hard to believe another year is gone! Where does the time go? I decided on a pretty radical plan for 2011 with much of my focus on the White Mountains of New Hampshire. The outcome has been very positive and after ten years of visiting one location over and over, I finally walked away with an image I am happy with! Yes its included! Though much my photography work is done deep in the forests of the mountains, my favorites this year are of known locations. I am not sure if any of these images are stand outs, but they are my favorite ones for today. Let me know what you think?

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Water Abstracts

Crawford Notch State Park - Arethusa Falls during the late autumn months. This waterfall is located along Bemis Brook in the White Mountains, New Hampshire.
Arethusa Falls – Harts Location, New Hampshire

White Mountains, New Hampshire Waterfalls – One of the greatest challenges of a nature photographer is to photograph a waterfall scene differently than the last thousand photographers who photographed it. Many of the easily accessible waterfalls in the White Mountains have been captured from every possible angle, so trying to find a different perspective can be a tough task for any photographer. 

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