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Sawyer River Railroad, New Hampshire

Sawyer River in the White Mountains, New Hampshire USA during the autumn months.
Sawyer River – Livermore, New Hampshire

Sawyer River Railroad, New Hampshire – In 1875, the State Legislature approved an act to Incorporate the Sawyer River Railroad. Operated by the Daniel Saunders Family, the Sawyer River Railroad was a ten-mile long logging railroad in the New Hampshire White Mountains town of Livermore. It was in operation from 1877-1928 and was one of the last logging railroads to operate in New Hampshire.

The railroad began along the Portland & Ogdensburg Railroad at Sawyer River Station, near Forth Iron Bridge, in Hart's Location. And it traveled up into the Sawyer River Valley and into the upper end of the Swift River drainage in Livermore. Like most of the abandoned railroads in New England, the Sawyer River Railroad is rich with history.

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