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Jewell Trail, White Mountains

Jewell Trail - Presidential Range, New Hampshire
Jewell Trail, White Mountains - Established in 1934, the roughly 3.7 mile long Jewell Trail begins at a trailhead on Base Station Road in Chandler's Purchase, New Hampshire. It travels up an unnamed ridge of Mount Clay and eventually ends at the Gulfside Trail; the Gulfside Trail is a segment of the scenic Appalachian Trail. Upon reaching the junction with the Gulfside Trail, most hikers continue on to Mount Washington...[Continue reading] ...

April History, White Mountains

Moonrise - Presidential Range, New Hampshire
April History, White Mountains - When it comes to the history of the New Hampshire White Mountains, like March, so many historical events took place throughout the years during the month of April that listing all of them isn’t possible. So included here are just a few interesting historical events....[Continue reading] ...