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Kedron Flume, Crawford Notch State Park

Crawford Notch State Park - Kedron Flume in Harts Location, New Hampshire USA during the spring months. The Kedron Flume Trail crosses this brook.
Kedron Flume – Crawford Notch State Park, New Hampshire

Kedron Flume, Crawford Notch State Park – Kedron Flume is located on Kedron Brook in Hart's Location, New Hampshire. The flume can be reached by parking at the hiking parking lot along Route 302, next to the Willey House, in Crawford Notch State Park. From the parking lot hike the Kedron Flume Trail (starts behind the Willey House) for three quarters of a mile until you reach Kedron Brook.

Just above and below where Kedron Flume Trail crosses Kedron Brook is where most consider the flume to be. The cascade just below the trail crossing, I find to be the most interesting. And during spring snow-melt it looks awesome! Waterfall buffs and photographers will also find the flume interesting after heavy rains.

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