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Pondicherry Wildlife Refuge, New Hampshire

Snowcapped Presidential Range from Cherry Pond at Pondicherry Wildlife Refuge in Jefferson, New Hampshire USA. The Presidential Range Rail Trail  (Cohos Trail) passes by Cherry Pond.
Presidential Range from Cherry Pond – Pondicherry, New Hampshire

Pondicherry Wildlife Refuge, New Hampshire – Designated a National Natural Landmark in 1974 by the National Park Service, Pondicherry Wildlife Refuge is located in the towns of Jefferson and Whitefield, New Hampshire. The main attraction is Cherry Pond, which can be reached by hiking the Pondicherry Rail Trail for 1.5 miles from the designated parking lot on Airport Road (Hazen Road) in Whitefield.

Pondicherry has a little something for everyone to enjoy. You will find interesting forest scenes and wetlands that can be easily explored and photographed. And the area is a major hang out for bird watchers. As a photographer, I find something interesting to photograph every visit.

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Favorite 10 Images of 2012

Sunset from Middle Sister Mountain in Albany, New Hampshire USA during the summer months (Erin Paul Donovan | Photography)
 Mount Chocorua Scenic Area – Albany, New Hampshire

Favorite 10 images of 2012 – Another year is gone! Where does the time go? It has been an interesting year here in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. The weather patterns have been crazy and as I reflect on the year that is what stands out most. I spent many days shooting in the rain and in bad weather this year, but overall it has been a very successful and enjoyable year. Here are my ten favorite images from 2012. You can see a larger preview of any image by clicking on it. Hope you enjoy them and feel free to comment. 

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Beaver Pond, Kinsman Notch

Beaver Pond in Kinsman Notch of the White Mountains, New Hampshire USA during the spring months. Jakey's Crag is in the background.
Beaver Pond – Kinsman Notch, New Hampshire 

Beaver Pond, Kinsman Notch – Beaver Pond is a roadside attraction located along Route 112 in Kinsman Notch of the White Mountains, New Hampshire. This is a great pond to photograph during the autumn season. I find early in the morning when a reflection of the mountains can be captured in the pond the best time. The mountain reflection in Beaver Pond is excellent!

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Waterfalls, White Mountains

Crawford Notch State Park - Ripley Falls during the autumn months. Located along Avalanche Brook in the White Mountains, New Hampshire this is just one of the many waterfalls in the New Hampshire White Mountains. The Arethusa-Ripley Falls Trail travels pass this waterfall.
Ripley Falls – Crawford Notch State Park, New Hampshire

Waterfalls, White Mountains – The White Mountain National Forest in New Hampshire is not known for giant waterfalls, but the ones in the region make excellent photography subjects and are fun to explore. They also play an important role in New Hampshire's travel & tourism. Many tourists come to the White Mountains region only to visit the waterfalls.

I am not sure I could pick a  favorite waterfall in the White Mountain National Forest because I enjoy exploring and photographing all of them. I am partial to waterfalls the are off the beaten path such as Ellens Falls, Lafayette Brook Falls, The Other Pitcher Falls, Willey Brook Falls and the many secluded unnamed cascades scattered throughout the region. It is truly is amazing how many "forgotten" waterfalls are in the region.

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