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O.G. Thomas Stove (historical artifact)

Profile & Franconia Notch Railroad - Franconia, New Hampshire
O.G. Thomas Stove, Profile & Franconia Notch Railroad - Seen here in 2012 are remnants of an O.G. Thomas stove made in Taunton, Massachusetts, at an abandoned dwelling site along the Profile & Franconia Notch Railroad in the New Hampshire White Mountains. This O.G. Thomas stove stove piece is considered to be an artifact, and the removal of historical artifacts from federal lands without a permit is a violation of federal law..[Continue reading] ...

Salem, Massachusetts – Halloween

Salem, Massachusetts – Halloween
Salem Witch Museum - Salem, Massachusetts One of the more interesting and educational places in New England to explore during Halloween is Salem, Massachusetts. This city is home to the Salem witch trials of 1692, which was a horrific event that forever changed Massachusetts. During the Salem witch trials nineteen men and women were hanged, one crushed to death and several died in jail ...