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Greenleaf Trail, Mount Lafayette

Rock steps along Greenleaf Trail in the White Mountains of New Hampshire USA during the summer months. A path has formed on the right hand side to avoid the stone steps.
Greenleaf Trail – White Mountains, New Hampshire

Greenleaf Trail, Mount Lafayette – Located in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, the 3.8 mile long Greenleaf Trail is named for Colonel Charles Henry Greenleaf, once owner of the Profile House in Franconia Notch. And the Greenleaf Hut is also named in his honor.

The Greenleaf Trail begins in Franconia Notch at the Cannon Mountain Aerial Tramway parking lot; it travels through an interesting forest, passes by Greenleaf Hut, and eventually ends on the summit of Mount Lafayette where a summit house once stood. And though the trail is located in a busy hiking area of the White Mountains it is lightly maintained. Hikers will actually feel like they are traversing a hiking trail.

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Lafayette Brook Scenic Area, Franconia

Lafayette Brook Scenic Area during the summer months in the White Mountains, New Hampshire. Old growth forest can be found in the Lafayette Brook Scenic Area.
Lafayette Brook Scenic Area from the Franconia Bike Path

Lafayette Brook Scenic Area – The officially designated Lafayette Brook Scenic Area is in Franconia, New Hampshire; part of the White Mountains. Consisting of 990 acres, it has a remoteness to it that is comparable to the Pemigewasset Wilderness. The V shape of the valley is likely the reason as to why the area has a secluded feeling.

The photographic subject matter varies from an old growth forest on the backside of Eagle Cliff to a scenic waterfall (on Lafayette Brook) deep in the valley. It's also a great place to explore different forest communities. Explorations of this scenic area usually start at the old bridge that crosses Lafayette Brook on the north end of the Franconia Bike Path. But for the more adventurous, study a map of the area for other options.

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Trail Rock Cairns

Trail Rock Cairns Images by ScenicNH Photography LLC

Rock Cairns: A rock cairn is defined as a pile of rocks that marks the location of a hiking trail. They vary in size from one foot to massive piles of rocks. Many rock cairns in the alpine zone of the Presidential Range are impressive eye-catching pieces of art. They are found throughout the White Mountains of New Hampshire and make great photo subjects. Above is a slideshow of rock cairns found along the White Mountains trail system.

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