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Presidential Range, Random History

Mount Clay - White Mountains, New Hampshire
Presidential Range, Random History - The Presidential Range in the New Hampshire White Mountains is known worldwide for having some of the worst weather in the world. And the main attraction of the range is the mighty Mount Washington. At 6,288 feet, Mount Washington is the highest peak in the Northeastern United States. And with the famed Appalachian Trail traveling through this scenic mountain range, it is a busy area....[Continue reading] ...

Snyder Brook Waterfalls, White Mountains

Snyder Brook - Low and Burbank's Grant, New Hampshire
Snyder Brook Waterfalls, White Mountains - Located in the New Hampshire town of Randolph and the township of Low and Burbank's Grant Snyder Brook is a photographer’s and waterfall enthusiasts paradise. The lower portion of Snyder Brook is within the thirty-six acre Snyder Brook Scenic Area, which contains an impressive stand of old growth (above) hemlock and red spruce.....[Continue reading] ...

Windy Weather, White Mountains

Windy Weather, White Mountains
Windy Weather, New Hampshire - As an environmental photographer, I try to document every aspect of nature that is interesting. I also try to think out of the box and create images that will be beneficial to have on file for future usage. Weather related images are always in demand and are good to have on file....[Continue reading] ...