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Mt Tecumseh Summit Vandalism

Scenic views from the summit of  Mount Tecumseh during the winter months in the White Mountains, New Hampshire.
January 2009 – Mt Tecumseh Summit Viewpoint

Mt Tecumseh Summit Vandalism – Someone or some group is illegally cutting down trees to improve the summit viewpoint on Mt Tecumseh in Waterville Valley of New Hampshire. I am using photo monitoring, also known as repeat photography, to create a visual journal that shows progression of illegal cutting on the summit. I update the visual journal, at the below link, with a new image after each monthly visit I make to Mt Tecumseh. For full impact of this issue, I encourage you to watch the full screen visual presentation (slideshow) here.

Two trails lead to the Mt Tecumseh summit. One from Tripoli Road that is lightly maintained and a joy to hike. The other from the ski area is excessively maintained and has more stonework than most parks in Boston.

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Mt Tecumseh Trail, New Hampshire

October 2011 -Drainage ditch / Stone steps along the Mount Tecumseh Trail in the White Mountains, New Hampshire USA. The area on the left is in the process of collapsing.  After a trail inspection by Forest Service in June 2012, they (FS) stepped in and took control of ongoing work along this trail. It has been suggested this erosion issue will need to be corrected by a professional trail crew.
October 2011 – New completed stonework / hillside stands out

Mt Tecumseh Trail, New Hampshire – Today I hiked the Mt Tecumseh Trail in Waterville Valley to photograph a section of fairly new stonework. In October of 2011 I was asked to photograph this work, and at the time I questioned the quality of work, so I have continued to photograph it. The included photos show that the hillside is collapsing, and the steps are not holding up. This section will need to be maintained indefinitely or properly fixed.

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