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November History, White Mountains

November history, Undercast from the summit of Mount Osceola in the White Mountains, New Hampshire.
Undercast – Mount Osceola, New Hampshire

November History, White Mountains – Here in the White Mountains, November is one of the quieter months of the year. The autumn foliage season has come to an end, and winter is knocking on the door. Many outdoor enthusiasts enjoy this time of year because there is less foot traffic along our public hiking trails.

When it comes to White Mountains history, some interesting events happened in November. A family-run business put the town of Lincoln on the map, a road was completed, and fire destroyed a grand hotel. Included here are a few interesting events.

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November Snow, White Mountains

This is the image that represents the month of November in the 2017 White Mountains New Hampshire calendar. It shows Lafayette Brook Scenic Area in Franconia, New Hampshire covered in snow after a snow storm. The calendar can be purchased here:
November Image – 2017 White Mountains Calendar

November Snow, White Mountains – For the last week or so here in the New Hampshire White Mountains the temperature has been on the cool side, and we have been getting snow on and off. The lower elevations are, for the most part, still snow-free, but the higher elevations, such as Mount Washington and Franconia Ridge, are covered in snow. Soon the landscape of the White Mountains will be completely covered in snow.

This image of Lafayette Brook Scenic Area in Franconia during a snow storm represents November in my 2017 White Mountains New Hampshire calendar. Since I was a kid, I have always loved to snowshoe in the forest during and right after a snowstorm. I find the landscape of a snow-covered forest to be peaceful and inviting.

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November Scenes, New Hampshire

Whitcher Brook in Benton, New Hampshire USA during the month of November.
Whitcher Brook – Benton, New Hampshire

November Scenes, New Hampshire – The month of November has been very long and drawn out, but in a good way. For me, most months fly by, and there never seems to be enough time in a day to complete all the tasks I need to complete, but for some reason I am all caught up and ahead of schedule this month. I even started photographing an abandoned farm settlement this month that I initially planned to shoot next summer.

I have always enjoyed being in the White Mountains during this time of year. The changing of the seasons and breathing in the crisp mountain air reminders of what is to come. And around this time I start to wonder what type of winter are we going to have. Will it be a winter with lots of snow or will it be an extremely cold winter, with little snow. Living in the White Mountains, I prefer winters with lots of snow.

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