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Old Man of the Valley, Shelburne

Old Man of the Valley in Shelburne, New Hampshire. The state of New Hampshire is part of the New England region, which includes the White Mountain National Forest USA.
Old Man of the Valley – Shelburne, New Hampshire

Old Man of the Valley, Shelburne – The Old Man of the Valley rock profile is a neat little tourist attraction that can be found on the side of Route 2 in Shelburne, New Hampshire, near the Maine border. From the roadside parking lot, the rock profile can easily be reached by walking down the trail a few hundred feet. Just look for the large boulder that is resting on another boulder.

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Phineas P Gage – Cavendish, Vermont

The Gage Accident plaque in Cavendish, Vermont USA  which is part of scenic New England. This plaque is for Phineas P Gage known as the "Man With a Metal Rod in His Head".On September 13, 1848 while working for the railroad Phineas P Gage suffered massive brain damage when a 3 foot long tamping iron was blown through is head. The most interesting part of the story is he recovered from the injury, but was mentally never the same.
The Gage Accident plaque – Cavendish, Vermont USA

Phineas P Gage, Vermont – If your travels ever take you to Cavendish, Vermont and you enjoy oddities, here is one worth checking out. Located in the downtown section of Cavendish is a plaque bolted to a boulder in memory of Phineas P Gage, who was known as the "Man With a Metal Rod in His Head".

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