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May History, White Mountains

Lincoln, New Hampshire
May History, White Mountains - Over the years, a number of historical events in the White Mountains happened in May. One event that took place over one hundred years ago still benefits us today, and New Hampshire lost an icon during this month in 2003. The most significant event took place on May 16, 1918. On this day, President Woodrow Wilson signed Executive Order 1449 creating the White Mountain National Forest in Maine and New Hampshire..[Continue reading] ...

Cannon Mountain, Franconia Notch

Cannon Mountain - Franconia Notch State Park, New Hampshire USA
Cannon Mountain, Franconia Notch State Park - Located just south of Bald Mountain in Franconia, New Hampshire, which I wrote about last week, is the centerpiece of Franconia Notch State Park, the state-owned Cannon Mountain ski area. Franconia Notch State Park would be much different today if Cannon Mountain wasn't included in a land purchase back in the 1920s.....[Continue reading] ...

Old Man of the Mountain, Franconia Notch

Old Man of the Mountain - Franconia Notch State Park
Old Man of the Mountain, Franconia Notch - On May 3, 2003, New Hampshire's Old Man of the Mountain, also known as "The Great Stone Face" and "The Profile" collapsed. The above image, taken around 2001, is one of only a few images I have left of the Old Man of the Mountain. This old grainy 35MM slide represents the Old Man I knew over the years. Long live the Old Man....[Continue reading] ...