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Shelter Rock, Old Osseo Trail

Shelter Rock - Old Osseo Trail, Lincoln
Shelter Rock, Old Osseo Trail - Shelter rock is a large boulder on the side of the old Osseo Trail in Lincoln, New Hampshire. Cut in the early 1900s, this section of the Osseo Trail began near the East Branch & Lincoln Railroad’s logging Camp 3. It traveled up through the Clear Brook drainage to Osseo Peak (Whaleback Mountain) and then on to Mount Flume. This large boulder is an interesting feature of the trail...[Continue reading] ...

EB&L Railroad, Narrow Gauge Line

Osseo Trail - White Mountains, New Hampshire
East Branch & Lincoln Railroad, Narrow Gauge Line - The EB&L Railroad was a standard gauge railroad, but in 1901 J.E. Henry and Sons attempted to use a narrow gauge railroad to harvest timber. With the exception of a May 1902 article by Albert W. Cooper and T.S. Woolsey, Jr. in Forestry & Irrigation little is known about this short-lived railroad. There are only a handful of photos (above) of this railroad, and over the years the actual location of ...