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Mount Washington Cog, Biodiesel Locomotive

Mount Washington Cog Railway - Biodiesel Locomotive on the summit of Mount Washington in the White Mountains of New Hampshire during the warm months. This is a one of a kind railroad in the world.
Biodiesel Locomotive – Mount Washington, New Hampshire

Mount Washington Cog Railway – A few weeks back I made a trip to the summit of Mount Washington in the New Hampshire White Mountains to photograph the Biodiesel locomotive that is now in operation on the Cog Railway. This is the Cog Railway's first Biodiesel locomotive, and it is a big step in the “Go Green” efforts.

The biodiesel locomotive named “ Wajo Nanatasis “ looks very much like the steam locomotives used on the Cog Railway, only it is has a 600 horse-powered John Deere engine that burns biodiesel, which makes it environmentally friendly.

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