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B-18 Bomber Crash, Mt Waternomee

Crash site of B-18 Bomber on Mt Waternomee in Woodstock, New Hampshire. Crashed on January 14, 1942. Out of seven crew members, five survived the crash and were able to remove themselves from the wreckage. The remaining two members died when the plane exploded
B-18 Bomber, Mt Waternomee – Engine

B-18 Bomber Plane Crash, Mt Waternomee – During the World War II Era, a horrific plane crash awoke the quiet town of Woodstock, New Hampshire. The explosion rattled homes and was heard throughout the countryside. And flames from the wreckage could be seen from the towns of Lincoln and Woodstock.

On January 14, 1942, five weeks after the attack on Pearl Harbor, a Douglas B-18 Bolo Bomber returning to Westover Air Force Base in Chicopee, Mass, near Springfield, from a patrol over the North Atlantic Ocean for German submarines crashed into the side of Mt Waternomee (3940 feet) in the New Hampshire White Mountains.

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