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Happy Earth Day 2022, New Hampshire

Happy Earth Day; Scarface Brook in Bethlehem, New Hampshire during the autumn months. This brook is a tributary of the South Branch of the Gale River
Scarface Brook – Bethlehem, New Hampshire

Earth Day, April 22, 2022 – Happy Earth Day from the New Hampshire White Mountains! Earth Day is an annual day founded by US Senator Gaylord Nelson in 1970. Many consider Earth Day to be the birth of the modern environmental movement. And the purpose of this day is to celebrate and create awareness for the environment.

Earth Day acts as an educational tool and influences all generations to care about the environment. If you have never heard about this day take some time to read up on the history and importance of Earth Day here. In the 21st-century, it is essential that we understand the impact we have on the environment. Education and proper training can help control the problem.

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Black and White, White Mountains

Black and white photo of Hellgate Ravine from the summit of Bondcliff during the winter months in the White Mountains, New Hampshire.
Hellgate Ravine – Pemigewasset Wilderness, New Hampshire

Black and White, White Mountains – During my film days, I shot roll after roll of AGFA Scala, but now in the digital era all my black and white images start off in color and with the use of various image editing programs I covert them to black and white. Admittedly, I don’t work much with black and white anymore, but I have always enjoyed viewing black and white scenes of the White Mountains.

Here in the New Hampshire White Mountains, during the winter months, the weather can be less than ideal for creating the picture perfect mountain landscape scene. And when sunrise and sunset is less than spectacular, and the sky is overcast gray, I still turn to black and white. A colorless landscape scene can come to life when presented in black and white. Today I want to share a few black and white scenes with you, and I included a few history notes to make it a little more interesting.

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Mountain Reflections, New Hampshire

Reflection of mountains in Saco Lake in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.
Saco Lake – Carroll, New Hampshire

Mountain Reflections, New Hampshire – I have always thought the perfect New Hampshire landscape scene includes a mountain, a lake or pond, and clouds reflecting in the water. I think including all three of these elements in a scene makes for an interesting and unique photograph. And one of the bonuses of these types of photos is cloud formations are usually different day to day, so no two images are identical.

To pick a favorite mountain reflection photo from my image archive would take me many hours so instead of doing that I am going to post a few locations that have excellent reflection scenes. These locations may interest hikers, photographers, and visitors exploring the New Hampshire White Mountains.

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Scenes of March, White Mountains

Pondicherry Wildlife Refuge - Scenic view of the Presidential Range from along the Presidential Range Rail Trail / Cohos Trail near Cherry Pond in Jefferson, New Hampshire.
Presidential Range Rail Trail / Cohos Trail – Pondicherry Wildlife Refuge, New Hampshire

Scenes of March, White Mountains – The 2013 / 2014 winter season is officially over, but you would never know it by the amount of snow still on the ground and cold temperatures we are having in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. The snow cover has been amazing this year!

I am sad to see winter come to an end, but at the same time am happy it is officially spring. Shooting in this cold and windy winter season has worn me out this year. Or maybe I am starting to slow down some with age.

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Pondicherry Wildlife Refuge, New Hampshire

Snowcapped Presidential Range from Cherry Pond at Pondicherry Wildlife Refuge in Jefferson, New Hampshire USA. The Presidential Range Rail Trail  (Cohos Trail) passes by Cherry Pond.
Presidential Range from Cherry Pond – Pondicherry, New Hampshire

Pondicherry Wildlife Refuge, New Hampshire – Designated a National Natural Landmark in 1974 by the National Park Service, Pondicherry Wildlife Refuge is located in the towns of Jefferson and Whitefield, New Hampshire. The main attraction is Cherry Pond, which can be reached by hiking the Pondicherry Rail Trail for 1.5 miles from the designated parking lot on Airport Road (Hazen Road) in Whitefield.

Pondicherry has a little something for everyone to enjoy. You will find interesting forest scenes and wetlands that can be easily explored and photographed. And the area is a major hang out for bird watchers. As a photographer, I find something interesting to photograph every visit.

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Autumn Foliage – New Hampshire

Pondicherry Wildlife Refuge - Reflection of autumn foliage in Cherry Pond in Jefferson, New Hampshire USA during the autumn months.
Pondicherry Wildlife Refuge – Jefferson, New Hampshire USA

Quick Update September 25, 2011:
Colors are starting to show in the Northern half of New Hampshire and the White Mountain region. Neither area is at peak yet, but the colors look good. Nice color can be found in the area of Pondicherry Wildlife Refuge in Jefferson, New Hampshire. The above image is from earlier this week.

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