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Mount Osceola Trail, White Mountains

Mount Osceola Trail  – White Mountains, New Hampshire

Mount Osceola Trail, White Mountains – The New Hampshire White Mountains have been photographed inside and out and possibly from every vantage point. And it has become common to see identical shots of a location from two, three or four photographers. Some images are so identical it looks as if photographers set up their tripods in the same spot.

One of the greatest challenges of a photographer in the White Mountains is to find a different perspective of any location. Looking for a different perspective has become such a habit I often overlook simple scenes. 

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Favorite 10 Images of 2012

Sunset from Middle Sister Mountain in Albany, New Hampshire USA during the summer months (Erin Paul Donovan | Photography)
 Mount Chocorua Scenic Area – Albany, New Hampshire

Favorite 10 images of 2012 – Another year is gone! Where does the time go? It has been an interesting year here in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. The weather patterns have been crazy and as I reflect on the year that is what stands out most. I spent many days shooting in the rain and in bad weather this year, but overall it has been a very successful and enjoyable year. Here are my ten favorite images from 2012. You can see a larger preview of any image by clicking on it. Hope you enjoy them and feel free to comment. 

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1907 Owl’s Head Fire, Pemigewasset Wilderness

Pemigewasset Wilderness from Mount Lafayette during the winter months in the White Mountains, New Hampshire.
Mount Garfield (left) from Mount Lafayette  – White Mountains, New Hampshire

1907 Owl's Head Fire, Pemigewasset Wilderness – Around August 17th in 1907 a lightning strike ignited a fire on Owls Head Mountain in the Pemigewasset (Pemi) Wilderness of the New Hampshire White Mountains.

The fire destroyed thousands of acres. And the total amount of acreage burned ranges from 10,000 to 30,000 depending on which historian you listen to. The included imagery shows the general area of where the fire took place. 

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Mount Chocorua – Albany, New Hampshire

Mount Chocorua from Middle Sister Mountain in Albany, New Hampshire USA during the summer months. This mountain is not a roadside attraction and requires a photographer to hike a number of miles. With numerous trails leading to the summit,
Mount Chocorua Scenic Area – White Mountains, New Hampshire

Mount Chocorua Scenic Area, New Hampshire – Mount Chocorua is not a roadside attraction and requires photographers to hike a number of miles before reaching the summit. With numerous trails leading to Mount Chocorua, it is best you pick up a trail map and decide what route you want to hike. If you are not interested in hiking to the summit, you can also photograph Mount Chocorua from Chocorua Lake. Chocorua Lake is easy to access from along Route 16.

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Greeley Ponds Scenic Area, Livermore

Greeley Ponds Scenic Area - Reflection of forest and mountain in Upper Greeley Pond in the White Mountains, New Hampshire. This is a great short hike to two beautiful ponds.
Upper Greeley Pond – Greeley Ponds Scenic Area, New Hampshire

Greeley Ponds Scenic Area, Livermore – Located in Livermore, New Hampshire in between Mount Kancamagus and the East Peak of Mount Osceola is the Greeley Ponds Scenic Area. Designated a scenic area in 1964, this 810-acre parcel of land in the White Mountains contains mature hardwood forest and two scenic mountain ponds.

The two mountain ponds offer interesting photographic opportunities. And early in the morning a nice reflection of the Osceola Mountain range can be seen in the upper pond (above and below). And the forest surrounding the ponds consists of an interesting mix of hardwoods and softwoods.

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Autumn Foliage – New Hampshire

Pondicherry Wildlife Refuge - Reflection of autumn foliage in Cherry Pond in Jefferson, New Hampshire USA during the autumn months.
Pondicherry Wildlife Refuge – Jefferson, New Hampshire USA

Quick Update September 25, 2011:
Colors are starting to show in the Northern half of New Hampshire and the White Mountain region. Neither area is at peak yet, but the colors look good. Nice color can be found in the area of Pondicherry Wildlife Refuge in Jefferson, New Hampshire. The above image is from earlier this week.

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Willey Brook Falls, Crawford Notch

Crawford Notch State Park - Willey Brook Trestle along the old Maine Central Railroad in the White Mountains, New Hampshire USA. The Mt. Willard Section House was located just to the right of the trestle. This railroad is now used by  the Conway Scenic Railroad.
Willey Brook Trestle – Crawford Notch, New Hampshire 

Willey Brook Falls, Crawford Notch – These falls are an impressive series of cascades located on Willey Brook, above Willey Brook Trestle (above), on the side of Mount Willard in Crawford Notch, New Hampshire. The real adventure is just getting to them, which can be tricky if you use the wrong route.

The Willey Brook area is more of a gorge, and it is best to study a map of the area before exploring the brook. The gorge alone will lead to hours of exploring so plan on spending a few hours at this location.

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Kancamagus Scenic Byway New Hampshire

Kancamagus Highway (route 112), which is one of New England's scenic byways in blizzard conditions. Located in the White Mountains, New Hampshire.
Kancamagus Scenic Byway – White Mountains

Kancamagus Scenic Byway, New Hampshire – The Kancamagus Scenic Byway, located in New Hampshire, is considered one of the best scenic drives in the Northeast. It is about 35 miles long and was opened in 1959 after two dead end roads, one in Lincoln and the other in Conway, were connected.

This scenic road is known worldwide for it outstanding foliage during the autumn months. And though the scenic byway attracts the most visitors during the autumn months, I think it is a great area to explore any time of year. Photographers will have endless photo opportunities.

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