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Hexacuba Shelter, Kodak Trail

Hexacuba Shelter - Appalachian Trail, New Hampshire
Hexacuba Shelter, Kodak Trail - Built in 1989 by the Dartmouth Outing Club (DOC), the Hexacuba Shelter is a six-sided hexagonal log shelter that sleeps 8-10. It's located at 1,980 feet on the south side of Mount Cube on a spur path off the Kodak Trail, a segment of the Appalachian Trail, in Orford, New Hampshire...[Continue reading] ...

Resolution Shelter, Dry River Wilderness

Resolution Shelter - Dry River Wilderness, New Hampshire
Resolution Shelter, Presidential Range-Dry River Wilderness - The Resolution shelter site is located off of the 14-mile long Davis Path in the federally designated Presidential Range-Dry River Wilderness in the New Hampshire White Mountains. Designated by the 1975 Eastern Wilderness Act, then expanded in 1984 by the New Hampshire Wilderness Act, this 29,000-acre wilderness area is governed under the National Wilderness Preservation System and the Wilderness Act. Both have strict guidelines when it comes to man-made structures in designated wilderness ...

The Perch Shelter, White Mountains

The Perch Shelter - White Mountains, NH USA
The Perch Shelter, White Mountains - The Perch Shelter is located along the Perch Path in Cascade Ravine, just off Randolph Path and Israel Ridge Path, in the Presidential Range in the New Hampshire White Mountains. Four tent platforms are also located at the Perch Shelter site. Originally a birch bark building, the Perch Shelter dates back to the 1890s (around 1892) when J. Rayner Edmands built three camps in Cascade Ravine: Cascade Camp, Cliff Shelter, and the Perch Shelter ...