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Trails of the Pemigewasset Wilderness

Franconia Brook Trail during the summer months. This trail follows the railroad bed of the old East Branch & Lincoln Railroad that traveled through this area. The EB&L was a logging railroad in the state of New Hampshire that was owned by James E. Henry.
Franconia Brook Trail (old railroad bed) – Pemi Wilderness, New Hampshire

Trails of the Pemigewasset Wilderness – At 45,000-acres, the Pemigewasset Wilderness (the Pemi) is one of six designated wilderness areas in the White Mountain National Forest. Wilderness areas are governed under the National Wilderness Preservation System and the Wilderness Act of 1964. And they are managed much differently than other parts of the National Forest.

Permanent improvements are not allowed, trail work is minimal, and there are strict guidelines when it comes to man-made structures in designated wilderness areas. Bridges are a convenience in wilderness areas, not mandatory. And bicycles are not allowed in these areas, and trail work can only be done with non-motorized hand tools. Preserving the natural character of a wilderness area is the objective.

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East Branch & Lincoln, Corduroyed Roads

Pemigewasset Wilderness - Remnants of a sled road off of the old East Branch & Lincoln Railroad in the Shoal Pond Valley of Lincoln, New Hampshire. Swamp areas along sled roads were corduroyed with small trees laid crossways. The East Branch & Lincoln was a logging railroad, which operated from 1893-1948.
Shoal Pond Region of the Pemi Wilderness – Corduroyed Section

East Branch & Lincoln Railroad, Corduroyed Roads – Have you ever come across something in the forest you know was man made, but have no idea what it is? Here is something for you to look for the next time you are exploring one of the abandoned logging railroads in New England.

Along an abandoned sled road deep in the Shoal Pond region of New Hampshire's Pemigewasset Wilderness remains an interesting artifact (above) from the East Branch & Lincoln Railroad era. Though very rotten and almost unrecognizable, it is a unique look at how 20th-century logging railroads dealt with building sled roads.

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Shoal Pond, Pemigewasset Wilderness

Pemigewasset Wilderness - Mount Carrigain from Shoal Pond during the summer months in Lincoln, New Hampshire. This is a remote pond in the Pemigewasset Wilderness
Mount Carrigain from Shoal Pond – White Mountains, New Hampshire

Shoal Pond, Pemigewasset Wilderness – Shoal Pond is a secluded 5-acre pond in the Pemigewasset Wilderness in the New Hampshire White Mountains. The average depth is one foot with a max depth of three feet (source, NH Fish & Game). The definition of “Shoal” is an area of shallow water, so this is likely why the pond was given this name.

This serene pond located along the Shoal Pond Trail, off the Appalachian Trail, is one of the unique features of this 45,000-acre designated wilderness. The reflection of the forest and Mount Carrigain in the pond early in the morning is excellent! And it is a great place to view wildlife and / or camp near for a few days.

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