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White Mountains History & Culture

Possibly the hoisting system of an old steam-powered log loader at the end of the Camp 9 spur line of East Branch & Lincoln Railroad (1893 - 1948) in the Pemigewasset Wilderness of the New Hampshire White Mountains. Steam-powered log loaders were used to load logs on to railroad log trucks. This section of railroad was a spur line that started at Camp 9 and ended a short distance after crossing Franconia Brook.
Steam-Powered Log Loader – East Branch & Lincoln Railraod

White Mountains History & Culture – For the past couple of weeks, I have been photographing nineteenth century sites linked to the history and culture of the White Mountains. When photographing these abandoned sites, I am reminded that conservation is not just about protecting a parcel of land for guaranteed future recreation. Conservation is also about the preservation of artifacts and historical sites. Today I want to share with you some interesting traces of the past.

Above is one of my favorite artifacts of the East Branch & Lincoln Railroad (1893-1948). It is located at the end of the Camp 9 spur line, close to Franconia Brook, in the Pemigewasset Wilderness. This artifact is possibly the hoisting system of an old steam-powered log loader. And more than likely it was used at the end of the Camp 9 spur line to load logs onto railroad log cars.

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East Branch & Lincoln Railroad, Lincoln

Pemigewasset Wilderness - Abandoned rail-line deep in the Pemigewasset Wilderness in Lincoln, New Hampshire. This spur line was located along the East Branch & Lincoln logging railroad, which operated from 1893-1948.
East Branch & Lincoln Railroad – Abandoned Railroad Track

East Branch & Lincoln Railroad – The East Branch & Lincoln Railroad, built by timber baron James E. Henry, was a logging railroad that operated from 1893-1948 in the New Hampshire towns of Lincoln and Franconia. Much of the railroad was in the area we know today as the Pemigewasset Wilderness. If you venture into the Pemi, from the Lincoln Woods Trail, you will be walking the railroad bed of Henry’s railroad.

During its existence, the East Branch & Lincoln Railroad was sold to the Parker Young Company and then to the Marcalus Manufacturing Company. The railroad was considered the "elite logging railroad" during the 19th & 20th century White Mountains logging era. And towards the end of its lifespan truck logging played a role in the logging operations.

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