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Thoreau Falls Trail Bridge, My Viewpoint

Tropical Storm Irene - New Hampshire,Thoreau Falls Trail
Thoreau Falls Trail Bridge, My Viewpoint - Like many in the New England outdoor community, I have been closely following the Thoreau Falls Trail bridge removal project. I have had interesting conversations as to why the bridge should be replaced, but nothing yet has changed my position, I fully support removing this bridge from the Pemigewasset Wilderness. I wrote about this proposed bridge removal....[Continue reading] ...

Thoreau Falls Trail Bridge Removal

Thoreau Falls Trail Bridge Removal
Thoreau Falls Trail, Bridge Removal - In August of 2011, Tropical Storm Irene caused massive erosion damage to the White Mountains trail system in New Hampshire. Some trails were damaged so badly that they have been permanently closed. And to this day trail crews are still repairing Irene damaged trails...[Continue reading] ...

February 1959 Plane Crash, Pemi Wilderness

Pemigewasset Wilderness - Memorial to Dr. Ralph E. Miller and Dr. Robert E. Quinn in the Thoreau Falls Valley of Lincoln, New Hampshire. The doctors successfully crash landed their plane in this location and survived for four days before dying of exposure.
February 1959 Plane Crash, Pemigewasset Wilderness - On Saturday, February 21, 1959 a Piper Comanche airplane took off from the Berlin, New Hampshire Airport, around 3:30 p.m., destined for Lebanon, New Hampshire Airport. The pilot was Dr. Ralph E. Miller and his passenger was Dr. Robert E. Quinn. Both were doctors affiliated with Dartmouth Medical School...[Continue reading] ...