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Camera Gear, Nature Photography

Carter Dome - White Mountains, New Hampshire
Camera Gear, Nature Photography - Last month, I wrote about some things to consider before pursuing a career as a full or part-time freelance nature photographer. Today, I am going to continue off that post with a list of the basic camera gear needed. Gear purchases can ruin your profit margin so it is important to consider them when forming your business ...

February, New Hampshire

Franconia Notch State Park - White Mountains, NH
Franconia Notch State Park - Lincoln, NH February, New Hampshire - When shooting for the ScenicNH Photography archive I find self assignments and a little direction to be very beneficial. On top of my everyday shooting, I try to focus on one subject every month that is connected to the environment. Examples of past subjects I have focused on include extreme weather, backcountry camping impact, and trail stewardship. This approach has allowed me to build an extensive, marketable and profitable ...