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Foliage Update – White Mountains, NH

 Ammonoosuc River – Carroll, NH  

Foliage Update: – Sept 19-21, 2010

Autumn is quickly taken over the White Mountains, New Hampshire. The above image is from along the Ammonoosuc River in Carroll, New Hampshire USA during the last few days.

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Sculptured Rocks Natural Area, Groton

Sculptured Rocks Natural Area in Groton, New Hampshire USA during the autumn months. This gorge was shaped during the Great Ice Age.
Sculptured Rocks Natural Area – Groton, New Hampshire

Sculptured Rocks Natural Area, New Hampshire – A short ride from Newfound Lake in Bristol, New Hampshire is Sculptured Rocks Natural Area in Groton, New Hampshire. This Natural Area spans 272 acres and is located on the Cockermouth River. It was formed at the end of the Great Ice Age.

A sign (above) at the gorge provides information on how the gorge was formed. Directions from Route 93 in North Hampton can be found here and will be helpful if you don't know the area.

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Newfound Lake, Bristol

Wellington State Park - Newfound Lake during the autumn months in Bristol, New Hampshire USA.
Wellington State Park – Newfound Lake

Newfound Lake, New Hampshire – In my New England travels, I always seem to forget about Wellington State Park located on Newfound Lake in Bristol, New Hampshire. The park can be accessed year around, and there is a sandy beach on the park grounds. No question the summer season is the busiest time to visit.

I have photographed Wellington State Park during all four seasons and think it is a wonderful place to spend the day with family or friends. And if you are a photographer, you should find something to shoot.

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Kancamagus Scenic Byway

Kancamagus Scenic Byway New Hampshire Images by ScenicNH Photography LLC

Kancamagus Scenic Byway, New Hampshire – New stock photography images have been added to the ScenicNH Photography image archive. These images are focused around the Kancamagus Scenic Byway in the White Mountains of New Hampshire USA. Above is a slideshow of scenes from along the Kancamagus Byway.

The Kancamagus Scenic Byway is considered to be one of New England's top scenic byways. The best time to drive, explore and photograph it is during peak foliage season. I also find the winter season a great time to explore the scenic byway, but autumn is best.

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Phineas P Gage – Cavendish, Vermont

The Gage Accident plaque in Cavendish, Vermont USA  which is part of scenic New England. This plaque is for Phineas P Gage known as the "Man With a Metal Rod in His Head".On September 13, 1848 while working for the railroad Phineas P Gage suffered massive brain damage when a 3 foot long tamping iron was blown through is head. The most interesting part of the story is he recovered from the injury, but was mentally never the same.
The Gage Accident plaque – Cavendish, Vermont USA

Phineas P Gage, Vermont – If your travels ever take you to Cavendish, Vermont and you enjoy oddities, here is one worth checking out. Located in the downtown section of Cavendish is a plaque bolted to a boulder in memory of Phineas P Gage, who was known as the "Man With a Metal Rod in His Head".

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Prescott Park – Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Flower gardens during the summer months at Prescott Park in Portsmouth, New Hampshire USA.
 Prescott Park – Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Prescott Park, New Hampshire – Prescott Park is a ten acre parcel of land along the Portsmouth waterfront. We can thank Josie and Mary Prescott, public school teachers and life long residents of Portsmouth, for the creation of this park. It was their desire to see an area of the Portsmouth waterfront cleaned up and turned into a public park. In Josie F. Prescott's last will and testament a private trust fund was set up to purchase tracts of land along the waterfront to create what we know today as Prescott Park.

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