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Trail Blazing, Trail Stewardship

Artists Bluff - White Mountains, New Hampshire USA
Trail Blazing, Trail Stewardship - Painted trail blazing (paint marks on trees that mark the path of a trail) along the White Mountains trail system is an endless complaint among outdoor enthusiasts. Either the trail is excessively blazed or not blazed enough. I don’t mind the trails that have little trail blazing, but I'm not a fan of the excessive trail blazing...[Continue reading] ...

Trail Work, Poor Trail Blaze Removal Practices

Tree Vandalism in the White Mountain National Forest of New Hampshire
Trail Work, Poor Trail Blaze Removal Practices - In October 2011, Erin Paul photographed newly painted trail blazing along the Mt. Tecumseh Trail in Waterville Valley, New Hampshire. And sometime in the spring 2012, poor trail stewardship practices were used to remove one of the trail blazes. The bark where the blaze was had been cut and peeled away from the tree, and a large wound where rot, fungus, and insects could enter the tree was visible. Most trail maintenance ...

Forest Disturbances, New Hampshire

Bent yellow birch tree in Lafayette Brook Scenic Area in the White Mountains, New Hampshire USA during the summer months
Forest Disturbances, New Hampshire - As an environmental photographer, I am fascinated with all aspects of the forest, and understand why some photographers focus entirely on forest photography. The forest seems to be in a constant battle to survive and its very existence is similar to the human race.....[Continue reading] ...