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Boott Spur Trail, White Mountains

Boott Spur Trail - Mount Washington, White Mountains
Boott Spur Trail, White Mountains - Boott Spur Trail begins off the Tuckerman Ravine Trail and ends at Davis Path, near the summit of Boott Spur Mountain. At 5500 feet, Boott Spur is named for Francis Boott; an botanist who took part in scientific expeditions to the Presidential Range during the early 1800s. The original route of the trail was opened by the Appalachian Mountain Club in 1900....[Continue reading] ...

Winter, White Mountains

Tuckerman Ravine - Mount Washington, White Mountains
Winter, White Mountains - It is that time of year when we can expect snow any day in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Daytime temps have been on the cool side, and rime ice can already be found at the higher elevations. I suspect my hike to Mt Tecumseh in October was my last snow free summit until the spring season....[Continue reading] ...