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Wetlands, White Mountains

Pemigewasset Wilderness -  Wetlands area along an old sled road off the old East Branch & Lincoln Logging Railroad in the Shoal Pond Valley of Lincoln, New Hampshire. The East Branch & Lincoln Railroad was a logging railroad that operated from 1893 - 1948.
Shoal Pond Valley – Pemigewasset Wilderness, New Hampshire

Wetlands, White Mountains – As a photographer, who photographs the environment, I love the diversity of subject matter the New Hampshire White Mountains offers. One day I am photographing mountain landscapes, the next day abandoned historical sites, the next day human impact and the next day beautiful wetland areas. There really is no shortage of subject matter here in the White Mountains.

When most think of the White Mountains, they envision beautiful mountain ranges and not wetlands. Today, I want to share with you a few images of picturesque wetland areas in the White Mountains. I find the landscape of a wetlands area to be very interesting, and some of them hold secrets to the past. If you’re photographer looking for new subject matter to shoot, maybe these images will give you some ideas.

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East Branch & Lincoln, Corduroyed Roads

Pemigewasset Wilderness - Remnants of a sled road off of the old East Branch & Lincoln Railroad in the Shoal Pond Valley of Lincoln, New Hampshire. Swamp areas along sled roads were corduroyed with small trees laid crossways. The East Branch & Lincoln was a logging railroad, which operated from 1893-1948.
Shoal Pond Region of the Pemi Wilderness – Corduroyed Section

East Branch & Lincoln Railroad, Corduroyed Roads – Have you ever come across something in the forest you know was man made, but have no idea what it is? Here is something for you to look for the next time you are exploring one of the abandoned logging railroads in New England.

Along an abandoned sled road deep in the Shoal Pond region of New Hampshire's Pemigewasset Wilderness remains an interesting artifact (above) from the East Branch & Lincoln Railroad era. Though very rotten and almost unrecognizable, it is a unique look at how 20th-century logging railroads dealt with building sled roads.

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Perspective, Pemigewasset Wilderness

Perspective scene, the silhouette of hiker during a storm on Bondcliff Mountain in the Pemigewasset Wilderness of the White Mountains, New Hampshire.
Stormy Weather, Bondcliff – White Mountains, NH

Perspective, Pemigewasset Wilderness – One of the challenges of a photographer focused on the New England environment is finding a different perspective of locations that have been photographed thousands of times. I approach this issue by focusing on entire areas, such as the Pemigewasset Wilderness, and not just one popular location within the Pemigewasset Wilderness. The included photos show a perspective of the 45,000 acre Pemigewasset Wilderness you may have never seen.

The above shot of a hiker surrounded by storm clouds on New Hampshire's Bondcliff Mountain shows a side of the wilderness some don't see. Most photos from Bondcliff show the scenic landscape. And there is nothing wrong with this, but so many scenic shots exist that a stormy weather shot will make the viewer look twice. 

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