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New Hampshire’s Wild Places & Politics

Autumn foliage from the Boulder Loop Trail.
Mount Chocorua, White Mountain National Forest

New Hampshire's Wild Places & Politics – Is it possible for today's conversation photographers not to get involved with the politics needed to protect New Hampshire's wild places? Ten years ago I would have said yes, but today I just don't know?

For most conservation minded groups, the vision of New Hampshire’s wild places is easy to understand. It is all about protecting the forests from human impact, hence the Wilderness Act. Wilderness protection is a very simple concept, but it ensures future generations will be able to enjoy the national forests. I guess it should be no surprise groups are attempting to invade these wild places for personal benefit.

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Designated Wilderness Areas, New Hampshire

Designated wilderness areas, the Pemi Wilderness from Zeacliff Mountain in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.
Pemigewasset Wilderness – White Mountains, New Hampshire

Designated Wilderness Areas, New Hampshire – In 2012, an article Wilderness Under Siege by The Wilderness Society was an eye-opening read about how the 112th Congress was introducing bills that could forever change the well being of America's public lands and wilderness. Conservation NH also complied a list of New Hampshire bills in 2012 all thought to be anti-conservation, dubbed "The Dirty Dozen Bills".

Lastly, a Senate Concurrent Resolution 2 was drafted geared towards designated wilderness areas in New Hampshire. The possible removal of another footbridge in the Pemigewasset Wilderness was the likely motive behind this useless, nonconforming resolution.

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August 2011, Pemi Wilderness Suspension Bridge Update

August 2011 - Pemigewasset Wilderness - Remnants of suspension bridge that once crossed the East Branch of Pemigewasset River along the Wilderness Trail at the Trestle 17 location (East Branch & Lincoln Railroad)in Lincoln, New Hampshire. The bridge was removed because of safety issues and these remains will be removed from the wilderness at a later date. Images from 08 - 2011. Ndew Hampshire's Pemi Wilderness is now closer to its natural state. Thank you Forest Service!
Pemigewasset Wilderness Suspension Bridge Site, Wilderness Trail (August 2011)

August 2011, Pemi Wilderness Suspension Bridge Removal Update – Since the last update in April 2011, a couple more volunteer groups supervised by Forest Service have ventured into the Pemigewasset Wilderness of New Hampshire to remove bridge debris from the 180 foot suspension bridge. Located along the Wilderness Trail, this bridge was dismantled in late 2009 because of safety issues and to date debris remains at the site.

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