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Moose, White Mountains

Nancy Brook Scenic Area - Moose on the side of Nancy Pond in the White Mountains, New Hampshire. Moose can be found throughout the White Mountains of New Hampshire and in the state of New Hampshire they are hunted every year. Hunting permits are issued by a lottery drawing. Very cool animals!
Nancy Pond – White Mountains, New Hampshire 

Moose, White Mountains – I do not specialize in wildlife photography, but do have limited wildlife imagery on file. Moose are beautiful creatures, and I have enjoyed photographing the ones I have come across, but my focus has always been on other areas of the environment.

Over the past decade, while documenting the New England environment I have created a handful of moose imagery that is available for advertising, editorial, and commercial publications. See the included link for more moose images and feel free to send me an email with questions or comments.

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New Hampshire Wildlife Crimes

Franconia Notch State Park - Moose eating on the side of Lonesome Lake Trail in the White Mountains, New Hampshire. Moose are often harassed by overzealous photographers looking to get the perfect shot.
Moose – White Mountains, New Hampshire 

New Hampshire Wildlife Crimes – Did you know you can report wildlife crimes anonymously online in New Hampshire? All you need to do is fill out a short online form to report a crime (see link below). Wildlife crimes can include baiting, poaching and / or harassment of wildlife. Never be afraid to make a report, New Hampshire's wildlife needs protecting!

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Lonesome Lake, Bull Moose

Franconia Notch State Park - Moose eating on the side of Lonesome Lake Trail in the White Mountains, New Hampshire USA.
Moose – Lonesome Lake Trail, White Mountains

Lonesome Lake, Bull Moose – Yesterday morning (Thursday) I took a quick trip up to Lonesome Lake in the White Mountains, New Hampshire to do some exploring. As I came around a bend in the trail I was surprised when I bumped into a moose standing in the middle of the trail! He was more interested in eating twigs than me. I watched him from a safe distance for almost twenty minutes before he decided to move off the trail far enough so I could safely pass.

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Black Bears, White Mountains

Black Bear -Ursus americanus- in Pinkham Notch of the White Mountains, New Hampshire USA during the summer months.
Black Bear – White Mountains, New Hampshire

Black Bears, White Mountains – Bluff charges and tent ransacking are the topic of discussion these days (July 2010) here in the New Hampshire's White Mountains. There have been reports of bears causing trouble for hikers and campers throughout the White Mountain National Forest.

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Truth In Captioning, Photography

Mountain Lion - Puma concolor - This mountain lion is in captivity at Squam Lakes Natural Science Center in Holderness, New Hampshire USA and like most animals at the science center it is injured or unable to survive in the wild
 Squam Lakes Natural Science Center – Mountain lion in captivity

Truth In Captioning, Photography – Working photographers have many responsibilities besides producing imagery. One responsibility is truthfully captioning images. Editors, publishers and stock photography agencies all rely on this piece of information for one reason or another.

The image caption is as important as the image itself because it describes what is happening in the image. The photographer is usually (not always) held accountable for properly and truthfully capturing his or her images. 

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