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May History, White Mountains

Lincoln, New Hampshire
May History, White Mountains - Over the years, a number of historical events in the White Mountains happened in May. One event that took place over one hundred years ago still benefits us today, and New Hampshire lost an icon during this month in 2003. The most significant event took place on May 16, 1918. On this day, President Woodrow Wilson signed Executive Order 1449 creating the White Mountain National Forest in Maine and New Hampshire..[Continue reading] ...

Willey Brook Trestle, World War 1 Guard Duty

Willey Brook Trestle - Crawford Notch, New Hampshire
Willey Brook Trestle, World War 1 Guard Duty - When the United States entered into World War 1 in April 1917, there was great concern that important sites along transportation routes, such as railroad bridges, would be blown up. Soldiers were responsible for protecting these sites. And one month after the United States entered into the war, Private L. Dudley Leavitt and seven other National Guardsmen of the First Vermont Infantry were assigned six weeks guard duty of the Willey ...