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Willey Brook Falls, Crawford Notch

Crawford Notch State Park - Willey Brook Trestle along the old Maine Central Railroad in the White Mountains, New Hampshire USA. The Mt. Willard Section House was located just to the right of the trestle. This railroad is now used by  the Conway Scenic Railroad.
Willey Brook Trestle – Crawford Notch, New Hampshire 

Willey Brook Falls, Crawford Notch – These falls are an impressive series of cascades located on Willey Brook, above Willey Brook Trestle (above), on the side of Mount Willard in Crawford Notch, New Hampshire. The real adventure is just getting to them, which can be tricky if you use the wrong route.

The Willey Brook area is more of a gorge, and it is best to study a map of the area before exploring the brook. The gorge alone will lead to hours of exploring so plan on spending a few hours at this location.

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