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Top 10 2010 White Mountains Photos

Downes - Oliverian Brook Ski Trail - White Mountains, New Hampshire USA
(Number 1) Lost Pond - White Mountains, NH It's hard to pick only ten images to represent a year, but I think I managed. Since most of my focus and projects were in the White Mountains, I decided to only include imagery from the mountains. 1) Pinkham Notch - Lost Pond on the side the Appalachian Trail. The reflection of Mount Washington and Huntington Ravine are excellent and worth a early morning visit ...

Winter Hiking Safety and Photography

Winter Hiking Safety and Photography
Mt Pierce at dawn - White Mountains, NH Winter Hiking Safety and Photography - One winter, before sunrise, I was setup near the summit of Mt Pierce in the New Hampshire White Mountains photographing the moon. It was a perfect morning to be on the ridge with the temperature around 10 degrees. As I was doing this, I watched a hiker come up out of the brush on the east / southeastern side of Mt Pierce. He was completely off ...

Camera Batteries, Cold Weather

Carter-Moriah Trail - White Mountains, New Hampshire
Cold Weather & Camera Batteries - How do I approach the cold weather battery issue? Most DSLRs use battery packs these days, so I am not going to attempt to describe the different types of batteries that are available. My Canons use a 7.4V lithium-Ion rechargeable battery pack, so I will be referring to them. And I am not a scientist, so I won't attempt to describe why batteries lose power in extremely cold conditions, but in short the cold ...