Frequently Asked Questions

What is environmental photojournalism?

Environmental photojournalism uses both positive and negative scenes combined with activism to create awareness for the environment. This approach helps promote the importance of proper land conservation, and allows people to gain a better understanding of issues surrounding the natural environment.

What is historic preservation photography?

Historic preservation photography focuses on the cultural heritage, abandoned historic structures, and forgotten settlements that remain in any given area. In the 21st-century, conserving our heritage goes hand in hand with land conservation and environmental photojournalism.

Do you do photo assignments?

Yes, feel free to contact Erin Paul anytime to discuss assignment work or projects you may be working on. Please be as detailed as possible in your email about the assignment and / or project.

Do you offer photo tours and instruction?

Yes, Erin Paul provides mostly photo tours for out-of-state photographers and filmmakers who are unfamiliar with the area. He does some private one-on-one photo instruction. For more information see our photo tours page here

Do you offer consultation on history projects?

Yes, if you are working on a book project, magazine article, or anything else that is related to the New Hampshire White Mountains contact Erin Paul. Depending on the project, fees may apply.

Are you insured?

Yes, ScenicNH Photography LLC is a registered business in the state of New Hampshire and we carry liability insurance. If needed, a certificate of insurance (COI) can be provided.

Do you do drone photography?

No, and at this point, we have no plans to add drone photography to our business model.

Do you represent other photographers?

No, at this time ScenicNH Photography only represents Erin Paul Donovan. And we do not see representing other photographers in the future.

Are these images free to use?

No, images on ScenicNH Photography ( are not public domain. Permission and / or payment needs to be arranged before any usage. All images are fully protected under US and International Copyright Laws. Unauthorized use of any image is considered copyright infringement. Take a moment to review our copyright page here.

Licensing Stock Photography

What is stock photography?

Stock photography is licensing the use of an image that already exists for advertising, editorial and commercial publications. ScenicNH Photography offers Rights Managed (RM) licensing to image buyers.

What is a rights managed license?

A Rights Managed (RM) license spells out how the buyer can use an image. The RM license specifies how the image will be used, duration of time, size of image, and usage fee. A usage fee is collected each time a buyer licenses an image. The copyright remains with the photographer at all times.

How much does stock photography cost?

Rights Managed (RM) stock photography pricing is based on how an image will be used. To calculate usage fees for any image, click on the "Add to Cart" button found on image preview pages.

Can I get exclusive usage rights for images?

It depends on an images availability at the time of request. Please contact Erin Paul with the image number you are interested in and include detailed information about how the image will be used.

Pricing, I am interested in many images for a project?

You can purchase a bulk image license, which allows you to license many images for a set fee. The fee is determined by the project and the number of images needed. Contact Erin Paul for info.

Do you offer free image research?

Yes, if you do not have time to search for images just click on the contact or live chat button or give us a call. We will search our image archive, and if we have what you need we will send you a lightbox containing images that may interest you.

Can I download low res comps?

Yes, you will need to create a free account (click on the “register” button above). Once you are registered look for the “download image” button found on each image.

Why register for a free account?

Once registered, you will gain access to free image comps, be able to license images, and view invitation-only galleries. Sign-up here.

How do I make payment?

By credit card during the checkout process. You can also contact Erin Paul directly to arrange payment if you prefer to pay by check.

Can you bill me?

Yes, just contact Erin Paul to set-up an account. Once your account is set-up, you will be able to download the high resolution images you are interested. You will be invoiced at a later date.

Books, Prints, etc.

Where can I purchase your East Branch & Lincoln Railroad Book?

You can purchase a copy of the East Branch & Lincoln Railroad Book here. It can also be purchased from a number of stores in the White Mountains region.

Do you sell prints?

Yes, art buyers, interior designers, and homeowners who are interested in purchasing a canvas or metal print can do so by clicking on the “Buy Prints” button (found on the large image preview). You can also purchase our prints through Fine Art America here

General Questions

Do you have a blog article archive?

Yes, you can view every blog article, dating back to 2010, that Erin Paul has written here. And if you are interested in having Erin Paul write an article for your publication, please contact him.

I have another question?

If you have another question use the live chat or contact links anytime to ask Erin Paul questions. All emails are responded to in a timely manner. If we don't respond to your email within a day chances are you email was mistaken as spam so please resend it.